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Where to find Aspens in Arizona

aspen bark leaves fall

Where to go

Aspens in Arizona? Are you kidding? I had heard about the aspen groves when I first started exploring northern Arizona a few years ago. My local friends had told me about Lockett Meadow, a seemingly wonderous alpine meadow with a huge grove of aspen trees. There was only one problem this year: the road to Lockett Meadow was closed due to a fire in the spring.

After a little research, I found that aspen groves existed right near the Snowbowl ski resort, and the roads were open! I knew it was going to very crowded as it was the only place to see fall colors In Arizona, so I photographed early one morning and late one afternoon.


aspen grove fall flagstaff arizona

Fall Color in Arizona is underrated!

What was interesting about the fall color in Arizona is that so much life still exists. Even the purple lupine flowers were blooming, which are normally early bloomers. Due to all of the rain that we received this summer in Arizona, the fall is almost like a second spring. It was awesome to witness these contrasts and it’s crazy to think in a month this will all be covered in snow! (It snowed at the higher elevations here the day after I left!)

After scouting out the area and taking some photos for my portfolio, I met up with a local model to get some shots with the brilliant colors and light. The lighting was magnificent and we came up with these shots.

aspens fall leaves sky arizona
tall aspens starburst flagstaff arizona

The best place to see aspens is Flagstaff, Arizona

As soon as the sun went down, the temperature dropped too! Being at 9,000 feet of elevation, you can feel the cold mountain air and the lack of oxygen in your lungs! But it was totally worth the short walk from the parking lot, and if you’re looking for fall colors in Arizona, Snowbowl is the place to be!

If you are looking for a fall photoshoot in the aspens, message Zach Rohe Photography

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aspen leaves pine needles
lupine flower in aspen grove
aspens with leaves arizona
aspens sky arizona flagstaff

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