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Yavapai Vista – Best views in Sedona

What makes Yavapai Vista Special?

Drum Circles and Vortex Energy

The big flat part of Yavapai Vista is the location of the famous full moon drum circles, and there is an ecstatic dance session here every Tuesday.  When you come here you can feel the Native American history and powerful vortex energy this area exudes.  

Spacious Parking and a Short Hike

Parking is often difficult in Sedona, AZ but the Yavapai Vista lot is one of the least crowded and the “hike” is a short .5 mile saunter up a slightly uphill trail.

Directions to Yavapai Vista

Hub for many trails and explorations

Many trails stem from this area and give you access to some of Sedona’s best areas, including Cathedral Rock.  Slim Shady Trail and Hiline Trail are some of my favorites and there is plenty of off trail scrambles to explore nearby as well.

How far is the hike to Yavapai Vista?

It is less than 0.3 miles from the trailhead with two slightly rocky sections.  It’s uphill 82ft on the way up and downhill the whole way down.  Be sure to consult a map there are a lot of intersecting trails here.

Map on Alltrails

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What gives Yavapai Vista the best views in Sedona?

Views of the classic Sedona rock formations

When you get to the open space that is Yavapai Vista, you have expansive 270 degree views.  Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and Chapel of the Holy Cross are all easily visible and photographed from this spot.

Great views any time of day

Few viewpoints in Sedona, AZ offer great views for sunrise and sunset and Yavapai Vista is one of them.  This is also a great location for night photography and one of the few spots I can get good shots in the middle of the day.

Find Sunrise and Sunset times for Sedona

Lots of space to find solitude

I love the fact that this viewpoint is that there is plenty of space to find your own spot and enjoy some solitude.  It should be noted though, that every Tuesday an ecstatic dance session is hosted here and full moon nights feature the drum circle.

How to get great photos at Yavapai Vista

Capture the perfect lighting

Lighting is the most critical factor in great photos.  First, the timing here is a bit tricky as the sun sets an hour or so earlier from this location.  It’s important to use off camera flash lighting to bring out the best in you and the stunning backdrop of this vista.  By capturing the light and balancing it correctly, this spot has some of the most stunning backdrops in Sedona.

Hire a professional photographer

There are many great photographers in Sedona, such as Zach Rohe Photography.  By hiring a professional you can be assured you are choosing the best time and location while getting fun poses and having a complete experience you will always remember.

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Is Yavapai Vista a good place to get married or elope?

It’s a great place for both as long as your ceremony is small.  A permit is needed for groups over 70 people but I suggest keeping groups even smaller and special care is taken to leave no trace in the National Forest.  Regulations can be found here.

Assuming a small ceremony, there are plenty of great backdrops at this vista and there are fabulous photo opportunities all around fr romantics afterwards.  There is also a highly spiritual feel to this location as you often get the feeling that ceremonies have been performed here for thousands of years.

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Why should you visit Yavapai Vista in Sedona?

It’s easy to get to, has a ton of space to spread out and get great photos, and is beautiful at all times of day.  Some of my best photographs in Sedona come from Yavapai Vista and I’m always coming out with new and creative spots here.

Remember it’s always important to leave no trace in Sedona, and anywhere you travel.  If you are intrested in contacting me about this location or a photo shoot, click here.  I also have some incredible wall art of this spot and many others on my Photos for Sale page.  And most importantly enjoy your stay in Sedona and I hope to see you on the trail!

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