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Lovers Knoll – Magical Views of Sedona, AZ

Lovers Knoll in Sedona, AZ

I’m not sure who came up with the name “Lovers Knoll”, but after photographing tons of weddings here, I understand the amount of love that has been pledged here.  It makes sense… it’s easy to get to, there’s decent parking, and the views are outstanding.

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Some of the best views in Sedona

Sedona is an insanely beautiful place, but some of the best views are from Lovers Knoll.  It features classic views of many Sedona landmarks like Cathedral Rock and the Pyramid.  The views are great anytime of day, but especially at sunrise and sunset and each time has it’s own unique character.

Find the Sunrise or Sunset time for your visit

Easy to access

Just off the main highway 89A in West Sedona, Lovers Knoll is a short drive from most locations.  When you pull in the dirt parking area it is a bit bumpy but any car can make it in and you will find plenty of room to park.

Google Maps view of Lovers Knoll

lovers knoll elopement couple

Photography at Lovers Knoll

Most of the shoots I have done here are for weddings and elopements, but this is a great place for any session, expecially large groups or people who do not want to walk far.  There are several different angles to get great photos, but it does not have the 360 degree views of other locations and you aren’t especially close to the dramatic red rock walls of Sedona.  I love shooting here and above and below you can see some of my shots from this location, click on any of them to enlarge.

Drawbacks to this location

Like most of Sedona, AZ, this location is no longer a secret and has become quite busy.  Especially on the weekend and holidays when there will be several wedding ceremonies going on at once at the knoll.  It also doesn’t have the diversity of backdrops as a place like Yavapai Vista or Crescent Moon Ranch.

How I deal with the drawbacks

Being a creative person and having shot here hundreds of times, I can get plenty of diverse photos with the limited backdrops.  If the area is busy I have a few spots that few people know about, and if it’s really busy I have two other similiar locations that I call the “Upper Views” just a 2 minute drive away.  As a photographer I pride myself on having contingency plans and creative solutions.

Why you should go to Lovers Knoll

First of all, it’s beautiful!  Living in Sedona I often take for granted these views but it is always rewarding when I meet a client here for the first time and they are amazed by the surrounding splendor.  This spot is also easy to get to and park at, which are things that are increasingly difficult to find in Sedona.

There is an amazing energy here

I’m not sure if it’s from all of the couples that have pledged their love here or perhaps it’s some vortex energy… but I always love my time here and feel great after relaxing and taking in the views.  If you are interested in a photography session in Sedona or anywhere else, reach out to me on my contact form.  And if not, just take in the views, leave no trace, and I hope to see you on the trail!

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wedding ceremony lovers knoll

Views from Lovers Knoll

Views from “Upper Views”

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