2023 Calendars

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Written by Zach Rohe

Professional photographer based in Sedona, AZ who specializes in wedding, portraits, and landscape photos.

July 06, 2023

Want to start 2023 off right?

How do you tell what day it is? What’s the best way to make sure you don’t forget an appointment? Why is there an empty space on the side of your refrigerator?

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For the past 5 years, I have been creating photo calendars sharing all the beautiful places I travel to. I forget who gave me this inspiration, but I should probably give them a calendar for the great idea. These calendars have been the best way for me to share my favorite landscape photos while making a couple of bucks to go out and take some more.

As a landscape photographer, sales can be sporadic and sparse. There is a ton of competition and most people already have art on their walls at home: it’s a hard field to make any consistent money. Over they years, these calendars have saved me! Every year folks are lined up to buy them and share them as gifts with others. And next year there is an opportunity to get 12 new photos to scroll through the following months.

Last year I sold almost 200 calendars and the support was so inpiring that I decided to put my efforts into photography full time. I had to add weddings, portraits, and commercial work to my portfolio, but a year later I’m still standing! And I plan on trying to only get better as a photographer and entreprenuer.

I truly appreciate the support and spread of these calendars by so many people over the years. It would be impossible to do this alone and it’s folks like you who keep me afloat in whatever waters I cross. One token of my appreciation is my pledge to pick up 1 pound of trash for each calendar sold. Last year I picked up over 250 pounds of litter that was left behind, cleaning the forests, beaches, and deserts that we all enjoy.

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IG 20221119

This year I have a local printer making more than ever and my goal is to pick up over 500 pounds of trash this year! You can purchase one on my online store and I’ve also lowered the prices on all of the prints and wall art through my website https://zachrohe.com. Thanks so much for your continued support and I hope to see you out on the trail!

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