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Written by Zach Rohe

Professional photographer based in Sedona, AZ who specializes in wedding, portraits, and landscape photos.

July 04, 2023

I’d like to discuss several topics related to my life as a professional photographer

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  • Location tips and tricks
  • Photography tips and tricks
  • Stories from traveling on the road
  • Random ramblings

I will be posting a blog post every Tuesday. I’m going to try to keep this fun and conversational, and I appreciate any feedback.

Travelling throughout the US and Mexico the past 6 years has had plenty of ups and downs, but the one thing I have definitely gained is a TON of excellent locations for photography and exploration. I’ve used guidebooks to get me to the best spots (they’re popular for a reason) and then gone off the beaten path to find new angles to capture our natural treasures. I want to share some of these locations with you, discuss different ways to explore them, and be your personal photographic guide.

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When I created my new website, I wanted a place where I could share more than just my photographic portfolio. One of the things I love about photography is that it is an ever changing process, and I am constantly learning. In the past year, I have really changed my philosophy on external lighting and flashes. I have also taken advantage of the new editing tools that are available to all photographers through progress in technology. There is much more to share and I’ll have even more discoveries in the future.

Living the vanlife, working as a seasonal bartender, and cutting my teeth as a professional photographer I have amassed a lot of tales and stories. From breaking down in one of the most remote areas in Baja, to completing the entire John Muir Trail and everything in between, I have some good stories for the campfire. I hope we get to cross paths along the way in this journey we call life.

Be sure to cruise over to my website and look around at my photos, tell me what you think!

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