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3 tips for dealing with rain at an outdoor wedding

3 tips for dealing with rain at an outdoor wedding

First, stay positive Cue the famous Alanis Morissette song and don't stress!  You cannot change or predict Mother Nature.  And trust me, every guest is going to tell you that it is good luck for rain on a wedding day... to the point where you are sick of hearing it. ...

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Based in Sedona, AZ but constantly traveling in search of adventure and photographic opportunities

I mix natural light and studio light with my vast knowledge of creative and technical photography to capture the best photos of you and the world around us

Sedona Photographer Zach Rohe is looking at you and taking a picture.

I’m Zach Rohe, a professional Sedona photographer who travels all over in search of adventures and great photos.  Over the years, I have found both and this blog serves as a platform for my stories, knowledge, and ramblings.

If you want to learn more about me, check out my bio linked below.  Want to schedule a session in Sedona or anywhere else, contact me and let’s make it happen.  Finally, I have a ton of great photos for sale as prints and wall art, check out my “Photos for Sale” section.

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