3 tips for dealing with rain at an outdoor wedding

wedding couple walking sedona

Written by Zach Rohe

Professional photographer based in Sedona, AZ who specializes in wedding, portraits, and landscape photos.

July 04, 2023

First, stay positive

Cue the famous Alanis Morissette song and don’t stress!  You cannot change or predict Mother Nature.  And trust me, every guest is going to tell you that it is good luck for rain on a wedding day… to the point where you are sick of hearing it.  Hindus say that the rain on a wedding ceremony makes the marriage knot tie tighter, and have you ever tried to untie a wet knot?  It’s impossible!

Secondly, a little prep goes a long way

I have shot a few weddings in the rain, and with a little preparation you can easily make it work. A great option, and one I think everyone should have is a clear umbrella.  They’re affordable online, there is a really nice, 2 person umbrella I like, and also a more affordable smaller umbrella as well.  Bonus is that you can use these on rainy days after the wedding!  Also be sure to have some quick drying towels on hand.  Waterproof makeup and preparing your hair for the rain are adjustments you can make at the last minute.  I also use trees for some of my lightly raining days to get keep the water off the couple.

Thirdly, be flexible

As a professional photographer, I’ve shot a bunch of weddings and elopements in the rain and we always figure out something unique to make it work.  One elopement we went to a nearby park with a small pavilion.  For another wedding ceremony at a huge cabin, we moved the ceremony to the deck.  By contacting your vendors, you should be able to figure things out.  I know how to waterproof my equipment and take shots in the rain.  I have an umbrella for the bride and emergency ponchos for guests.  Trust in your vendors, and we will provide.

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